Our 3-Step Clean Air Plan

With our 3-Step Clean Air Plan, we guarantee you won’t have to clean your ducts again. Get rid of up to 97% of the particles in your air with an On Time Experts Air Cleaning System.

  1. 1. Analysis
  2. We’ll come out to your home and do a complete analysis of your duct system and air quality. Dust, mold, allergens and diseases build up in your home’s ventilation system and tax your breathing and immune system.

2. Cleaning
After the analysis, we send someone to do a complete cleaning of your ductwork. The carpet cleaning guys want to come out for $39.99 and clean your ducts, but they only clean about 6 feet. We spend about a half a day and go from where the ductwork starts, until it comes into your home.

  1. 3. Installation
    We then install a one-inch electronic air cleaner that’s 97% percent efficient, down to .3 microns. We also use our UV germicidal lights that help kill molds, viruses and bacteria floating in your home. As long as your system is running, it will keep the air clean.

If you use our products, we guarantee that you won’t have to clean your ducts again. Matter of fact; if you put in our air cleaner and our lights, we guarantee that you won’t ever have to clean your blower again, as long you maintain it regularly. If not, we’ll come out and do it for free.

Your HVAC system is only as good as the duct system. If it’s dirty, you’re actually breathing some of that dust and dirt. Contact us to start the 3-Step Clean Air Plan and make sure your air is fresh and clean. The number is 267-2007.