Radio Ads

Check out some of our radio spots to learn more about our HVAC services and the Comfort Consultants who provide them.


Randy’s Gift to Sarah (and YOU)

Everyone gets a Franklin Fund gift every single year.  Being in the Front of the Line Family means presents.  Virtual foldin’ money for your system.

We Fix Problems Before They’re Problems

Being in our Front of the Line Family means we’re lookin’ out for trouble you didn’t know what’s comin’.  It’s like catchin’ a wave while surfin’.  Gotta get ahead of it.  This commercial was recorded live from a surf board.


How to Tell You’ve Got a Bad Install

Can you tell if you’ve got a bad install?  The On Time Experts can.

Super Randy Saves Sarah’s Friends

Can Randy rescue Sarah’ friends from bad decisions?  There’s nothing worse than fixing other company’s corner cuttin.’


Whatever It Takes Means: Whatever…It…Takes

OK, we make mistakes.  Not very often, but we’re human.  We promise to do whatever it takes to make it right. And that means whatever… it… takes.

We Make Real Promises.  Really.

Anyone can make promises.  We KEEP promises.  Our experts will be there exactly when they say.  If that doesn’t happen… Randy’s got somethin’ for ya.

Nothing Second Rate

None of our experts are gonna cheap out on ya just to make a profit.  No sir.  We’ll spend extra time to make sure it’s right.  Randy got the idea when he bought his wife a wedding ring.

Bob Dolton’s Amazing Story

Most people go home when they have a tummy ache.  Bob Dolton, they guy who started our company in ’67, actually had a heart attack on the job and kept on working ’till it was done.  Now THAT’S Whatever It Takes.

We Come When You Call

If you’re not comfortable because your furnace broke down in the middle of the night, our Comfort Experts are gonna fix it.  Now.  Not tomorrow morning.


Instamatic Technology

Sarah unveils her space-age transporter system.  That explains how the On Time Experts can get to your trouble lickity split

Instamatic Technology II

In this action packed episode, we find out what happens if two On Time Experts trucks end up in the same space-time point in the universe.  It’s not pretty.

This is What On Time Means

It’s so simple, we don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it.   You’re not sittin’ at home all day waiting for a repairman.  When we give you a time, it’s the time we promise

Super Nice to be On Time

Sarah and Randy learn that there is no such thing as being too nice.  Like gettin’ the VIP treatment from The Front of the Line Family.


Join the Club!  We Have Fun Here

People instantly trust you. You zero in on what someone needs in under 5 minutes.  You’re a different breed… and we think you could be one of us.

Are you over the line committed?

We’re serious about takin’ care of our family.  If you come work for us, you need to be “over the line” committed to doing whatever it takes

Show Us Your Tattoo.  Are You Like Us?

You have uncommon amazingness.  You go out of your way to put smiles on faces.  If you’re an amazing fix-it-guy, or girl, we have a career for you.  But, ya gotta have that Whatever It Takes tattoo.

No selly-sell salespeople need apply

We don’t have salespeople at The On Time Experts.  At least, not like you’re thinkin’.  If you work for us, you’d better help people find the right system.  We never sell our family anything they don’t need.


Tune Ups Save You Money

Just a bit of dust and dirt, and you’re wasting money.  Our regular tune ups keep your system hummin’ a sweet tune.

One Tune Up.  No Breakdowns.

Meet the newest member of the Front of the Line Family, and find out why rejuvenatin’ your system is so important.  We rejuvenate, you don’t breakdown.  6 months.  Guaranteed

Ever Give Your AC a Bath?

When we come and rejuuuvenate your air conditioner, we promise there will be NO breakdowns for the next six months.  That’s a summer full of comfort, and a comfortable family.

Best Tune Up $99 Can Buy.

The only guarantee that an air conditioners won’t quit.  Two free tune-ups a year when you’re in the Front of the Line Family.  Holy potatoes, that’s amazing!

What Diapers and Air Conditioners Have in Common

Babies get rash when their diapers aren’t clean.  Air conditioners break down when you don’t clean the poop out.  Schedule you’re A/C rejuvenation today.

The Better Then Free Tune Up

Sarah did some quick calculatin’ and realizes that our $99 Rejuvenations are almost better than free!

You’ve Got a Mini-Explosion happening in your home

Each time your furnace fires up… it’s a mini-explosion right in your house.  If your furnace isn’t safety checked and rejuuuvenated, you just might get a kablooey!

We Don’t Tune-Up.  We Rejuuuvenate!

Any ol’boy can change a filter.  Our $99 Rejuvenation makes your system as shiny as the day it came out of the factory.  That’s savin’ you money, and makin’ your system last longer.  Let’s Rejuuuvenate!


Lead an Expert to Your Thermostat

Ding dong.  Let our On Time Expert in and lead him to the thermostat.  That’s all you gotta do to, and comfort is on the way.  Ask about the magic fix-it-wrench.

Building a Perfect Repairman

Randy’s magic fix-it-wrench goes to work creating the perfect repairman.  With Sarah’s help, of course


Introducing On Time Plumbers

Just $99 unclogs any drain.  Plus a promise that it will stay unclogged for 6 months or we come out again.  Free.

On Time Plumbing is Also a Thing We Do

$99 will unclog a drain.  Guaranteed clear for 6 months or we’ll come clear it again, free

When We Unclog Your Clog, Your Pipes are as Clean as a Whistle.

Sarah’s not so sure what “clean as a whistle” really means. Just know that when our expert plumbers clear your clogged drain, it stays unclogged for 6 months.  Guaranteed.

You Gotta Flush Your Water Heater

Flushin’ your water heater each year is big time important.  If you don’t get all the gunk and build up out, you’re buying a new one sooner than you think.