Air Duct Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair Services

Don’t be fooled by someone offering a “quick” duct cleaning or a $39.95 price.  Not only do they leave your ducts and air far from clean, they can actually release built-up mold, bacteria and viruses from your dirty ducts straight into the lungs of you and your family.  I say “no-thank you” to breathin’ gunk and toxins!

Real duct cleaning means blocking all your equipment off, sealin’ every hole, puttin’ it under vacuum, and slowly cleanin’ one duct at a time with specialized brushes.  The way we do it removes at least 95% of any built-up dust and dirt.  It takes a full day to do it properly, depending how large your house is.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Call the On-Time Experts at (972) 267-2007 to setup a FREE, no-obligation air quality assessment.

All the air duct cleaning agents we use are EPA-approved, and we got trucks dedicated to only cleaning air ducts, with top-of-the-line vacuums.

Here’s all our air duct services:

  • Duct sealing (you may be wasting up to 30% of your money due to air loss!)
  • Indoor air quality assessments and testing
  • Infrared camera inspections
  • Air duct cleaning and sanitizing
  • Air duct restorations
  • Whole house air cleaners (to keep your ducts sparklin’ clean)
  • Complete duct replacement

When the On-Time Experts clean your ducts, ya see and breathe the difference.  It’ll keep your family safe and let ya enjoy the worry-free comfort your home was meant to provide your family.

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