What is Upfront Pricing?

Upfront pricing means you’ll know exactly what your HVAC repairs will cost, and you won’t pay a penny more. In the early days, back when I first started, we charged a trip charge to come out to your home. And then on top of that, we charged $12 every fifteen minutes that we were there. Read more…

Watch: Why Do We Provide Options During a Service Call?

Why Do We Provide Options During a Service Call? When we’re at your home for a service call, we’ll provide you with every possible option to fix your issue. Why is that? If you need service this summer, call the team with your best interest at heart at 267-2007.

6 Tips for Summer AC Efficiency

Here a few tips to help you get through the dog days of summer and knock a little bit off your utility bill. 1. Make sure your filters are clean. Check them out on a monthly basis. If they are clean, go ahead and leave them. If they’re dirty, either clean or replace. 2. Seal Read more…

Watch: How Does Our Attitude Affect Service?

How Does Attitude Affect Our Service? Why does attitude matter so much at the On Time Experts? Jack lets you in on the secret in this video. Schedule your service call with the On Time Experts at 267-2007.

Podcast: Who Doesn’t Like Free Food?

Who Doesn’t Like Free Food? Our monthly barbecue is a way for us to connect with our team and just have a little fun. In this podcast episode, Gina M. tells us about the monthly BBQ and the legendary Randy Kelley steaks.

What Do We Do When We Make a Mistake?

We’re humans, so we’re going to make some mistakes. And when those mistakes happen, we own it and make it right, whatever it takes. Recently we did a job and realized that we installed the wrong size outdoor unit. We informed the homeowner, and then went back out and put in a brand new unit. Read more…

Watch: What is the 3-Step Clean Air Plan?

What is the 3-Step Clean Air Plan? Our 3-Step Clean Air Plan guarantees you won’t have to clean your ducts ever again. Give us a call at 267-2007 to learn more.