Planning to Ride Your Water Heater to Space?


Ignore it for a few years and it might be ready to… WOOOOSH!  Blast off.

Seriously.  The hard water here in North Texas builds up sediment that eats away the inside of tank-style water heaters.  And a real simple call could easily double the life of your water heater, save money on energy bills and avoid an explosion.

Here’s what happens when you don’t flush:

Slow heat transfer.  Your water heater will overheat and the tank starts to weaken

Lower energy efficiency. Your paying more on your energy bill each month.

Annoying noises.  Water heaters should be quiet.  The ones with sediment make a pesky crackling noise.

Dangerous bacteria forms.  Your tank isn’t heating right, and that lets bacteria grow.  Legionnaires disease (CDC & OSHA) will actually grow in your tank.  Gross.

Less Hot Water.  As sediment builds up, your 40-gallon tank won’t have 40 gallons of water in it.

Ba-Boom!  Yep.  They really do blow up.  That’s not safe.

Let the On Time Experts keep you safe on planet earth.  Flush your water heater.

We’ll make sure your current water heater is safe
Get out all the sediment and gunk
Restore to full capacity
Good as new

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Don’t become an unexpected astronaut.

PS: Members of our Front of the Line Plumbing Family get annual water heater flushes as just one of their many money-saving perks…

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