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Podcast: Weekend AC Breakdown? Call Us!

You can’t tell your air conditioner to break down Monday through Friday, right? In this podcast, Randy tells us what to do if your AC breaks down on a weekend this summer.

How to Fix Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

The old hot and cold spots – they can be frustrating and uncomfortable for a homeowner. The On Time Experts can help. We typically find that it’s a ductwork issue. It’s not installed properly or the system is on one side of the house and has to feed all the way to the other side. Read more…

Watch: What are Common Causes of AC Breakdowns?

What are Common Causes of AC Breakdowns? The most common AC breakdowns are easy to avoid. Watch to learn the most common causes of home air conditioning failures, and make sure your system is up and running all season long. Avoid an air conditioner breakdown this summer by calling the On Time Experts at 267-2007.

Podcast: The Cost of Lowering Humidity

The Cost of Lowering Humidity Are you looking to lower the humidity inside your home? In this podcast, Randy tells us how much that might cost.      

Podcast: The Effect of Home Humidity

Is your home hot and muggy? Listen in as Randy Kelley tells us how that humidity might be affecting your home.

Podcast: How to Pick the Best Filter for Your AC

Picking a filter for your HVAC system can be overwhelming. In this podcast, Randy Kelley gives some pointers on choosing the best filter for your system.