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Give us a call at 267.2007. Schedule your $99 tune-up and if your furnace is 12-years old or older, we’ll give you a free CO detector.

Your Old Furnace May Put Your Family in Danger

Free CO Detector As furnaces age, they increase the risk of leaking Carbon Monoxide. They’re a primary cause in the over 400 American deaths each year from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Over time corrosion causes tiny cracks to develop in their heat exchanger. This releases unburned gas containing Carbon Monoxide into the air you breathe. According to the American Gas Association,

“Any visible crack or hole is a reason for requiring replacement of the heat exchanger or furnace.”

Carbon Monoxide Can be Deadly

Carbon Monoxide exposure is no joke.  It’s odorless, colorless and tasteless, poisoning you or your family without you knowing it. Even low levels (greater than 10 parts per million) of exposure cause headaches, nausea or flu-like systems.  When that number rises, it puts your body to sleep before suffocating you.

We Want to Keep You Safe

Free CO Detector from On Time ExpertsA Carbon Monoxide detector is the only way to know if your old furnace is leaking.  The detector the On Time Experts will install senses even low levels before you or your family have a chance to breathe them.  Plus, if we find any leaks with our 31-checkpoint tune-up, we’ll apply the cost of the tune-up to fixing them completely.

A Tune-Up Also Saves You Money

On Time Experts’s Tune-Up will
save you at least the $99 tune-up cost in:
– utilities savings over the next 6 months – 
– keep your furnace from breaking down this winter –
– leave you 100% satisfied, or you don’t pay –

Plus, regular tune-ups
can double your furnace’s life.

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Make sure you’re safe from Carbon
Monoxide and saving money
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Why Choose On Time Experts?

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Lauren & Carter Chism, Dallas

On Time or Your Repair is Free

If we ever show up late, I don’t care how much it was going to cost, your repair is free.

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If a mistake happens, every On Time Experts employee is empowered with an unlimited budget to make it right, whatever… it… takes.

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We’re fully staffed from 6am – 10pm. After that, we’ve got emergency crews standin’ by to help you. You ain’t gettin’ no answerin’ machine and hopin’ we’ll answer back… ever.

A Whatever it Takes Tattoo on our Heart

Bob Dolton founded us in 1965 with dedication to servin’ his family so powerful, even a heart attack on the job in 1977 couldn’t stop him. Now every employee gets asked if they’re over-the-line-committed to do whatever it takes to make you comfortable. It’s tattooed on our heart, just like it was on Bob’s.

Schedule an On Time
$99 Tune Up

and get your FREE CO Detector

Have a Question?
Give us a call at 267.2007. Schedule your $99 tune-up and if your furnace is 12-years old or older, we’ll give you a free CO detector.