You’re a different breed of saleswoman or salesman. People Love Buying from You. They instantly trust you. In five minutes, you know their secret desires and what it takes to satisfy them.

You’re Friendly. Honest. Dependable.

Anyone who works with you wonders how you make the grind look so easy.

A Different Breed of Salesperson

You Always End Up the Top Seller. You know it’s about thinking of your customers as friends. Treating people as if you want to build a long-term relationship with them… because you do. You’re the Salesperson that Always Cares about your customers. And helps them find the best solution for them.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to Start at Six Figures and grow that quickly, we need you to help families find the perfect heating or air conditioning system for their homes and budget. Yep. You read right. Make More Than 200k helping our loyal customers (we call ’em family) find the best heating and air conditioning system for them.

You’ll Never Chase Leads. We’ll arrange all your appointments. Big percentages. Straight commission. Lots of benefits. Work and Earn as Much as You Want. Heck, If you’re as good as we know you are, you’re freakin’ excited right now. It’s a sales position where ya get to be a superstar and BE PART OF A FAMILY.

So pay attention. We’ve got specific details in this ad to weed out those that can’t follow instructions.

You Gotta…

  • Never be late
  • Pass a drug and background check
  • Have a clean driving Record
  • Always look nice and smell great
  • Have supreme confidence that you’ll figure out the key to their trust
  • Brush off rejection like it’s gettin’ ya closer to the next sale
  • Have previous experience sellin’ big ticket items (jewelry, cars, corporate sales, etc…)

If you’re just itching to contact me, Send Me an Email and Your Resume.

But don’t send me the same resumé you’d send anyone else. Instead of puttin’ all the details on there that don’t tell me crap, I want you to sell me on your ability to sell big-ticket items and why you want to be part of our family. And I want ya to start your cover letter in all caps with the phrase, “I am the king of gopher madness.” I’m serious. So many people skim and send and don’t care about the families I care about. I gotta know that you’re detailed, a little different, and care about families. Here’s why…

Your typical day begins earlier than most and will often involve evening or weekend appointments. Occasionally you may have to arrive at a customer’s home before 7. We work on the customer’s schedule, not ours. FLEXIBILITY IS KEY. You’ll be in homes, measuring, inspecting, and calculating the perfect-sized system for each home and helping customers find a solution that is effective and affordable. Can you say PATIENCE? You can’t help customers feel the best about their best system without answering lots and lots of questions. If you don’t care for homeowners, you’ll burn out doing this day in and day out. We’re truly looking for people that are a PERFECT MATCH because we are a family.

On Time Experts Salesperson

We Have Fun at Work. We celebrate birthdays and get fired up at all our meetings. We’ve even got a competition to see which teams give the best service to our family. Ain’t no way you can win unless you got a whatever it takes tattoo on your heart Meanin’ you’ll do whatever it takes to make it right for our customers (our family), WHATEVER… IT… TAKES.

See. It takes a special kind of person to keep this place special. Yeah, I’m gonna handsomely reward ya for your HARD WORK. But you gotta be the kind of person that gives it ALL YOU GOT. Ya gotta be quick to admit your mistakes and learn from ‘em. Gotta Have Some Humility to go along with that confidence. If you do, you got all sorts of money comin’ your way, not to mention Advancement Opportunities, if you want ‘em.

Maybe you’ve heard our ads and maybe you haven’t. They bring us leads day after day, even when other guys are slow. Feel free to Google us. I started in the parts department and worked my way up to ownin’ the company.

I’m serious about you succeeding and growing. Join Our Family of all-stars. If you can make it happen, I’ll do whatever it takes to Make Your Career Happen.

Randy Kelley

Now Start Applyin’.
I look forward to talkin’ to ya.