Most people call it a tune-up – we call it a rejuvenation! We want to bring your AC system back to factory-fresh conditions, or as close to that as we can get it.

We don’t just take a look at your system for thirty minutes and leave. We’re going to be at your home for an hour or an hour and a half. We’ll clean the outdoor unit with chemicals, oil your motors, and tighten your electrical connections. We’ll oil the motor inside, blow out the drain, and clean the blower and evaporator coil.

Our rejuvenation also covers the safety aspects of your system. We tighten those electrical components and make sure the disconnect is mounted properly. Most people don’t do that. They look at it to see if it’s running and maybe put their gauges on it.

It’s not a tune-up. We’re going to make sure we get that system running properly and efficiently so that it lasts you a long time.

If you have a complete rejuvenation done on your system, on average, you’ll save $32 a month. And right now, we’re offering our rejuvenation for $101, down from $189. On top of that, we guarantee that your system will not break down for the rest of the summer.

Schedule your rejuvenation from the On Time Experts at 469-336-3435.

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