The biggest difference between disposals that are pro-grade and those you can get from the hardware store is quality.

Pro-grade disposals are of better quality and they’re going to last longer. Plus, they’re quieter and have a longer warranty. And they are going to be installed by a professional.

If you want it cheap, sure, you can go grab one from the hardware store. But it’s hard to put a price on a professional installation and pro-grade quality.

Believe me, before I got into the plumbing business, I tried to install a hardware store disposal myself. I didn’t connect a fitting properly and ended up with a puddle on my floor. It’s not really fun when your wife walks in saying. “Hey! What did you do?” Anyway…just trust me.

When you’re choosing pro-grade disposal, you have horsepower options. If you cook a lot and use your disposal often, you may want to invest in one with higher horsepower. You might not even be able to find those in a hardware store.

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