I’ve heard some good stories about home warranties and, man, have I heard some bad ones. Read this before you purchase ANY home warranty.

Here’s the good. Some friends of mine recently purchased a home warranty and the refrigerator went out. The warranty replaced the fridge. Their dryer went out, and the home warranty replaced the dryer and the washer, which is great. Most people buy a home warranty hoping that when appliances fail, the warranty will cover it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to your heating and air conditioning system, if you don’t have preventative maintenance, your home warranty is not going to take care of it. And even if you do get service, it may take a while.

We see it time and time again. We get hundreds of calls a year from customers that have a home warranty but can’t get service. They’ve called the provider, but it’s going to take two weeks for them to get out and service the air conditioner. Who wants to wait two weeks in Dallas without AC?

On top of all that, if the provider comes out and realizes the failure is due to lack of maintenance, that failure is not covered under warranty.

So. The good? You may get some appliances covered. The bad? You may wait a few weeks for service, you’re not getting top quality contractors, and it may not be covered if the failure is due to lack of maintenance.

It’s all about the fine print. Let’s face it; warranty companies are insurance companies. It’s their job to find a way not to pay claims. My advice is to get on a preventative maintenance plan right away, if you’re on a home warranty. To do that, give the On Time Experts a call at 469-336-3435

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