On Time Experts Insta Hot System

    1. Waiting
    2. Wasting Water

    The Insta-Hot System solves both problems at once by getting that glorious warm water to you EXACTLY when you need it.
    Insta-Hot is a pump that takes the warm water from the tank and has it magically waiting right behind the faucet! When you turn it on… it’s on!

    What’s the big deal?

    Wastin’ Water – You could be dumping as much as 10,000 gallons of water down the drain every year* just waiting for the right temperature.

    Wastin’ Time – If you’re waitin’ just 90 seconds for the water to warm up for just one shower… that’s almost 23 days of standin’ in your robe doing nothin’ but looking at water going down the drain. Now don’t you feel silly?

    Our Insta-Hot System is a super-smart pump that knows exactly the temperature you want, and a timer to make sure it’s there when you want it. Affordable to install, and as efficient as a 25 watt bulb to run.

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