No Furnace Breakdowns All Winter With Our Fall Heating Safety Checktacular

    This is not some cheap furnace tune-up or inspection. It’s a Total Furnace Revitalization + Safety Check that guarantees NO breakdowns all winter long.

    On Time Experts Furnace System Revitalizer

    That Means:

    • No furnace breakdowns all winter Guaranteed… or your money back.
    • Lower energy bills… up to 25% off your monthly heating.
    • Extend system life. You can double your furnace life with regular
    • Furnace Revitalizations and Fall Safety Checktactulars.
    • Bring old systems back to life. Cleaned and recalibrated to day it was born efficiency.

    It costs you $199.

    Schedule Your Fall Furnace Safety Checktacular

    How we go beyond a cheap tune-up or inspection:

    • Complete carbon monoxide inspection. We’re gonna look at every square inch of the system to be sure there are no deadly carbon monoxide leaks.
    • We professionally clean all the innards removing dust and grime. Ya know that burny smell each winter? Yeah, you’re breathin’ that dirt. Not good for you or the system.
    • Meticulous ignition inspection. The most dangerous time is when the furnace lights up. The mini-gas explosion that happens needs to stay tiny and safe.
    • Adjust fan speeds, oxygen ratios, and pressure levels.
    • We lubricate all moving parts and install a new air filter.
    • We conduct a 47-point diagnostic looking for things a cheap tune-up would have missed.
    • We install a new battery in your thermostat.
    • THEN we recalibrate your entire system back to factory fresh specifications.
    • If we find any component that is broken or worn out we’ll show you, and you can decide if you’d like us to fix it.
    • And we won’t leave until we know your furnace is safe to run.

    Yep. All that in our $199 Fall Safety Checktacular Price
    Schedule an appointment below or call us today at 469-336-3435. We’ll work our magic, and you’ll be warm as a loaf of fresh bread all winter. Guaranteed.

    Pssst… Did’ya know our Front of the Line Family gets a Fall Heating Safety Checktacular and an AC system Revitalizations every year? They don’t even have to ask. It just happens because they’re Family! We also give ‘em a whole sackfull of other useful benefits. Check out all the VIP benefits our Family Members get.

    On Time Experts Heating Safety

    On Time Experts Customer Review.

    “I’ve been messing around with this problem for 2 years. The On Time Experts swooped in and evaluated it, corrected everything that had been done wrong before and took care of all the problems in two days.”
    Margaret P., Dallas

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